Friday, March 2, 2012

The "Cush" Life

The first time I washed my clothes by hand I decided that I needed an empregada (basically someone who comes does the household chores). However, when I got to site, before school started, I really had nothing else to do, so laundry and cleaning weren’t that big of a deal. Plus, my house is super small, so cleaning really doesn’t involve that much. In my post-rat world, where I am now teaching chemistry and English, I really just don’t have time to do laundry (which takes a whole day and requires that it be sunny . . . somewhat difficult even during a fairly dry rainy season). So Zach and I finally found an empregada, Rosa, who started work this week. And (so far at least) she is fantastic – my clothes are cleaner than I am able to get them by hand and she even irons J Plus, while we really only wanted someone to wash our clothes, apparently that’s not normal, so she’ll also be stopping by once a week to clean our houses. Yay!! After the rat finally seemed to have disappeared I did a major house cleaning (bleaching pretty much everything), but it’ll be really nice to have someone to help get rid of any evidence that the rat ever existed.

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