Thursday, September 29, 2011

First day in Mozambique

I left the States on Wednesday morning and am now in Mozambique . . . only over 16 hours of flight time later. The flight wasn't nearly is bad as I expected (but British Airways was still much better). However, when I got onto my second flight (from Johannesburg to Maputo) they made me check my backpacking backpack at the last minute . . . which was extremely stressful as I had a lot of electronics in my bag (the most important thing being my external hard drive). Luckily, I had brought a couple of extra locks and was able to take a zip tie from the guy next to me (Mom & Dad - would love zip ties in my first care package). I made it through to Maputo without losing anything in my bag, but several members of our group had some of their stuff stolen after having to check second carry-ons at the last minute :(

We all made it to Maputo and to the hotel (where the food is amazing . . . and probably represents my last chance to eat chocolate for a little while). Today was fairly relaxed, we all got the necessary shots and tried to get ready to move in with our host families on Saturday. 

Anyways, we don't have very regular access to the internet while in training, so this blog-every-other-day-thing probably won't be happening. Which will hopefully make my blog posts a bit more interesting when they do appear :)

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